Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Something Different

Today's blog post is a bit out of the ordinary but I find that it is very easy to write about.  What was something I don't normally eat.  Rabbit.  Interesting thing, I actually had rabbits as pets growing up so the thought of eating a rabbit, not gonna lie, kinda grossed me out.  However, my boss at AddressTwo owns another company called Meat the Rabbit and that thought had to change.

We had been planning an office outing for a while and my boss had been bragging about this great restaurant in Zionsville, IN that was now serving his Rabbit.  So somehow I came up with the (great) idea... Let's go eat rabbit.  Man sometimes I have to learn to keep my mouth shut when I'm thinking.

Rabbit Confit
It was a Friday night late November and we headed up to Plum's Upper Room. The three of us from the office sit down to a great bottle of wine and start to talk about dinner.  The Rabbit dish of the night was, Rabbit Confit (Click the link for a much better description.)  The chef comes to the table and we quickly learn his back ground and the great and amazing things he's learned to do with food, and become very impressed with his culinary knowledge.  We order I'm still a little weary at this point but I've now got stake in the game, I've met the chef.  I have to try this and like it.

Well, long story short is.  I liked it.  It was good.  I know you all hear things like taste like chicken.  It does however I think that it was actually a bit tastier than chicken.  It has tons flavors not to mention it was garnish with some other unbelievable side dishes and great conversations with some pretty cool dudes from the office.  I think it was pretty cool to get out and try something I was a little leary about.  Would you try it?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chart Your Time, The Easy Way

Want to know what most of my year I spent doing online?  I'd be happy to share and have a great way to share what I do.  Ran across this awesome little time management tool while reading The 4-Hour Work Week, and have been using it for a while now.  It's very interesting and they even have a Free Version too!  Worth the time to check it out.  Especially for those of us who spend alot of time online and need to use our time wisely.

Go ahead and take a look at what I do all day... I'm not shy

Monday, December 10, 2012

Tell'em'bout Me - Referrals Made Easy
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New Traditions

One New Tradition for the Year 2013.

Camping, period.  Camping is a great and Cheap way to get away and have fun as a family.  Cheap and Fun, ask my wife and I’m sure she’d confirm both things that describe me to a tee!  In 2013 I plan to find more time to camp with my family and friends.

Camping in my life has created a life time of Memories for me.  From being a Kid and camping with my family in tents and later down the road in trailers.  To starting off camping with my wife when we first got married, oh the stories she could share.  To wrap her stories up it would look like this: Cold Nights, Forgot clothes, no air mattress, where’s the fire pit, sleeping in the car, and having a whole lotta fun.

Now other than the description of my wife’s thoughts on camping I want to create those fun and lasting traditions of summer camping trips with my kids.  But first I have to buy a tent.  Right?

Hang that on the Fridge

What did I make this year?  Rather than beat around the bush I didn't make much of anything.  But then I have to ask do I like to make stuff?  (Other than Legos)  Not really.  I’m ok at making dinner  (if I get home early enough,) I’m ok at making the bed (if my dogs don’t jump on it after I’m done,) and I’m ok at making kids crafts (You do that a lot when you have small kids.)  What I did make is my customers Happy.  That’s it that’s what I made this year!

Starting off in a new sales position almost one year ago to the date into a company that the president and founder was the sales guy at for the last 3 years can be a hard transition to make.  Not only for the new guy but also for the president of the company.  To be honest my sales were not where in the ball park of what they should have been for 2012.  It’s taken me a long time to get used to the fact that year number one in the new role, just wasn't that great. 

However there is a silver lining I’m starting to see as we close out 2012.  That is I’ve paid attention to my customers and helped them to understand the value of the great product we offer the small business owner, in AddressTwo.   My customers are starting to recognize my attention to details and quality of service I give them and are letting my boss know that too!  Not only that but I’m seeing that the customers that I’m taking care of are starting to share the power our simple CRM for small business with their customers and friends.
So can I hang It on the fridge cause I made it?  Probably Not.  But what I can do is have a clear path to keeping the customers I have happy and the customers I’m going to strive to get in 2013.  So this year I’m going to build a goals chart for 2013 and keep three times the number of people happy this year with what we do at AddressTwo!

Lego the Stress

I thought Christmas was supposed to be a Jolly ol’ time?  Let me spare you the ramblings of all the things I have going on in my world because I’m sure you have yours as well.  We all do, that’s a part of life.  When Life gets me stressed … I play legos.

Yup you read that right.  Legos.  I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed playing legos as a kid with my little brother.  I can remember getting up before the sun came up on a Saturday in the winter and playing legos with my kid bother until the sun went down.   We had so much fun building and talking while we built things.  We would talk about the future, what we wanted to be when we grew up, oh yeah and I’m pretty sure there were several fights that involved legos being ‘tossed’ at  someone’s eye (Sorry about the little brother.) Time seemed to just melt away and we had a lot of fun.

Today I can have some of the pretty rough days as an adult at work.  But there are three things I look forward to when opening the door to my house.  One is the super high pitched scream of my 2 year old daughter who always comes running from where ever she is in the house to give me a hug and kiss hello.  The Second thing is the kiss and the I love you from my wife.  And one of my favorite things is the “Daddy, Can you help me with my lego firehouse tonight.”  What a great way to end the day and melt the troubles away.  Go Play with some legos it helps I promise!

Inspiration Board

My family comes first! Before kids and business my wife and I took alot of random trips and did camping alot. As a kids my folks took me camping alot and I feel we grew to be a close family b/c of the trips and random thing we would do. I Inspire to provide my family with those memories by the end of 2013 as well

                                                                          Source: via Troy on Pinterest

My Community comes next.  I truly believe that after family community is the heart of what I do!
I enjoy giving back and growing the knowledge of my community benefits me as an individual. 
In 2013 my Goal is to give back through the Arts and help establish a bigger arts program in Hendricks County.

                                                                        Source: via Troy on Pinterest

Education is HUGE in my life.  I learned a lesson not very long after graduating College... I should have learned more and paid more attention in school.  I don't want my kids to struggle as much as I did after getting out of school and I want them to understand the importance of Education in making themselves better people.  I want to be an inspiration about Education to my Kids in 2013.

                                                                                 Source: via Troy on Pinterest

As my success grows in business and my income grows I want to be ahead of that growth and create a clear and defined financial path for my family in 2013.  If it's through a coach or even getting involved in a Dave Ramsey Class this is one of my goals for 2013.

                                                                           Source: via Troy on Pinterest   

Last but not least I love have fun speaking with Groups about a variety of subjects including things like Simple CRM AddressTwo, Marketing, Sales, and having fun at work.  And plan to do alot more of that in 2013.